Empire Clinic Thailand:

Establish with the vision and determination of doctors and researchers to win over the life threatening disease.

Under the supervision of internationally acclaimed doctors and researchers whom specializes in cancer treatment to study state of the art of cancer technology and generate many research and development findings, Wincell is well-received by many institutions.

As leader in cancer treatment, Wincell has develop cancer treatments under the name WinK cell, an innovative treatment to defeat cancer. Win-K cell is suitable for both the initial stage and invasion stage. With the concept of Anti Cancer Immune Therapy by which the white blood cell (lymphocyte) is make stronger to treat cancer yet friendly to the patient’s body.

Win-K cell is first progress from liver cancer patients and since has been widely accepted as international standard. In order to support this new paradigm of treatment, National Science and Technology Development Agency and Thailand leading medical school has selected human resources and standardize production with cutting edge technology in order to provide a one stop services of cancer treatments.

Dr. Olan Piamkulvanich

Olan Piamkulavanich ,M.D.

Doctor of Medicine , Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Amercan Board Certified in Nutritional Wellness, Montana , USA.


Co-researcher Clinical Trial “ DC-CIK cells Therapy in Cholangiocarcinoma patients , Published in Alternative Year 2011.


1. Cancer Immuno Therapy with Midtown Medical Technology , JAPAN


Manager Director of Wincell Research Co.,Ltd.

Member of American College of Nutrition ( Personal Medicine ).

Medical Advisor of Immunotherapy at Empire Clinic Thailand.