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Knee Reju Program

The treatment of osteoarthritis with treatment at the point.

We are proud to present that this technique has been developed and researched by our team “Empire Clinic Thailand” for the treatment of osteoarthritis. With this treatment, there is no surgery and the patients don’t need to pay in the long term leading to higher quality of life, eventually. The concept of this therapy is regeneration restore and repair specific target points for the highest efficiency.

The advantage of Knee Reju Program
  • Create a powerful new cartilage to replace old cells which are cartilage deterioration.
  • Restore, repair muscle cells and ligaments surrounding resulting in a strong knee.
  • Stimulate synoviocytes to produce normal synovial fluid protecting you from osteoarthritis .Reduce inflammation of the joints, improve blood circulation
  • supplying to the joints, Relieve pain, swelling, stiffness of the joints.

No worries about these following symptoms anymore: pain during sitting, standing and walking; knee pain and swelling; lower ability to stretch the knee; be trouble in crossing the barrier or stepping up into the car; noisy motion in the knee; legs bent out of shape ,etc.

                The picture shows the development of better simulate the cartilage in the knee

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis
  • Symptoms of knee stiffness, tension especially in the morning after waking up or the duration without movement the knee for long time.
  • Get chronic pain at the knee, the pain is more when it is in use and relief after relaxing. noisy motion in the knee while moving get the pain while walking up and down Knee swelling due to plenty of fluid in the knee, especially in cases of inflammation.
  • Difficulty walking because of the pain, restrictions in stretches bent, muscle weakness and atrophy, and the knee was swollen.
  • Changing the shape of the knee, in case of a lot of damage to the knee on the inside than on the outside

  1. Get start to check up for osteoarthritis prevention.
    1. Knee check up
      Height, weight, blood pressure, pulse.
    2. 5 steps to check up your knee by specialists
      • To investigate the knee stretch and bend
      • To investigate walking and movement
      • To investigate the knee, leg deformities.
      • To investigate the pain point
      • To investigate the motion on the stair
  2. The knee treatment with regeneration by specialists continuously. Make an appointment 1 time per week for 3 weeks totally.
    After treatment (evidence from tens of thousands of patients)
    • pain reduced by 90%
    • noise from the friction of the knee reduced by 60%
    • Satisfaction in the treatment more than 95%
    • No harmful complication has been found.