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Ultimate Vit C

VITAMIN C is one of the important vitamins that the body should not lack, and should take sufficiently.

Therefore, taken the vitamin C High dose in the formula of Ultimate Vit C with a mixture of antioxidants and essential minerals to the body through the normal saline helps the cells in the body get the nutrients directly from the quantity of the prescription. This will restore health care quickly, stimulate blood circulation. When cells get the nutrients, it will fully work better, stimulate collagen for brighten the skin. The new skin cells are healthy. It is suitable for those at risk of infection, especially flu and flu, allergies, skin dull, and those with less fatigue, stress, weakness or in convalescence from illness, such as cancer patients, and so on.

Advantages :
- Increase antioxidant
- Stimulate the formation of new cells
- Immunogenicity
- Healthy skin and face radiant

For highest efficiency: Once a week / repeated at least 10 times, the good result is shown in 10th times