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DC Vaccines ( Dendritic cell vaccines )

What is the dendritic cell?

The dendritic cell is a kind of immune cell. As its name implies, has a shape with many long projections that look like tree branches sticking out from it. At first the cell (monocyte) which becomes the source of dendritic cell is taken out of the patient’s body. And it is natured into a dendritic cell.

When dendritic cell discovered antigen, it encounters an antigen by phagocytizes antigen (bites it and swallows it in) and and decomposes it into small pieces (antigen peptide). The dendritic cell presents such peptide on its own surface.

We inject this dendritic cell (which present antigen peptide) back into patient’s (own dendritic cell) body. This dendritic cell migrates to its regional lymph node and presents antigen information to a lymphocyte (naïve T cell). It thus inducing the outbreak of various immune responses, NK cells, etc. begin to specifically attack the antigen.

Dendritic cell cancer vaccine therapy

The dendritic cell vaccine therapy is cancer treatment utilizing the above function of the dendritic cell. In concrete terms, the dendritic cell is made to remember the characteristics of the artificial antigen and then it is returned into the patient’s body. As a result, the dendritic cell makes the lymphocyte remember the characteristics of cancer and the lymphocyte comes to specifically aim at and attack cancer cells.

Thus the dendritic cell vaccine therapy enables specific aim and attack of cancer cells and does not damage normal cells, so there is little worry about side effects.

Also, in April 2010 the FDA of the U.S. approved a prostate cancer treatment vaccine using dendritic cell. This is the first case of the FDA approving a cancer immune therapy using one’s own cells.

Mechanism of Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccine Therapy

Dendritic cell” is an immune cell that plays approximately the role of a “commander” who teaches the mark of cancer to the lymphocyte, which plays the role of a soldier to attack cancer. Also, the dendritic cell gives commands to the other immune cells to attack the cancer by the whole immune system.


1.The cell (monocyte) which becomes the source of dendritic cell taken from the patient is nurtured into a dendritic cell.

2. And then the artificial antigen are given. Dendritic cell encounters an antigen by phagocytizes antigen and presents such peptide on its own surface.

3. As the dendritic cell which has obtained the mark of cancer is returned into the body, the lymphocyte is taught the mark of cancer and is guided to attack cancer.

4. The lymphocyte guided by the dendritic cell aims at and attacks only the cancer cells in the body.

What is the difference from the other cancer immune therapies?

The immune therapies so far can generally enhance immunity though their offensive power for cancer is not high. The greatest feature of the dendritic cell vaccine therapy, which is a new immune therapy, is its ability to radicate cancer only and it allows an immune reaction with a high offensive power to be expected. Furthermore, a recurrence prevention effect is also expectable.

What is the process to get Dendritic cell cancer vaccines ?

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