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NK Cell Count

What is NK cell and its importance?

Natural killer cell or NK cell is one type of white blood cells, which has ability in killing cancer cells. It accounts for only 1% of white blood cells in our body. NK cell is only white blood cell, which has no interaction between antigen and antibody. Its ability is to identify and focus on the goal to eliminate and destroy cancer cells, pathogens, including viruses with high efficiency. Its ability in killing cancer cells is outstanding to almost 100 times better than other white blood cells. The reduction of NK Cell Count and effectiveness in NK Activity is associated with several types of cancer, according to the table.

What is the meaning of NK Cell Count in the blood?
Determination of NK Cells in the blood helps us to know whether there is a risk of cancer. In addition, it can help us to decide whether the patient is strong enough to be treated with radiation. Patient with NK cell deficiency or low NK cell count has high risk in cancer development. Because NK cell is the first step to detect and kill cancer cells before cancer cells continuing to multiply and ultimately uncontrollable. Currently, NK Cell Count and NK Activity can be checked to assess the ability of individual in destroying cancer cells.

People who take benefit from this testing

  • People who get the cancer risk for example, smoking, drinking alcohol, sleepless, over weight or people who has cancer familial history
  • People who gets cancers as in the table

How to behave after detecting the lower of NK Cell Count and NK Activity
  1. Change your life style
  2. Take foods that affect NK Cell include foods containing beta carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E , dietary mushrooms, including food supplements that affect the immune system.
  3. Immuno Therapy by NK Cell to activate NK cell activity in our body