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Cancer Screening Program

Detect cancer before it healed. That does not cure cancer.

Cancer is a condition in which abnormal cells are growing by the body can not control it. And can grow into a tumor.

Cancer is a fear of people. Because most people know that they are the symptoms of this disease are difficult to maintain. But if we knew from the outset was to increase the cure for cancer be cured easily.

Cancer Screening is a preliminary examination with blood cancer. For tumor markers in the blood. It can detect the cancer has identified more than 11 species, this method provides high accuracy. Make a note of

Examined by a doctor who believes its expertise.
Tumor markers
  1. CA19-9, colon, pancreas, liver, stomach.
  2. AFP, liver, stomach, pancreas, testes.
  3. CEA, stomach, colon, pancreas, lung and liver.
  4. HCG ovary, liver, lungs, stomach, rectum.
  5. HGH lung
  6. CA 153 breast, egg, liver, lungs, stomach, rectum.
  7. f-PSA, prostate, endometrium, liver, lung, pancreas, breast.
  8. PSA, prostate, endometrium, liver, lung, pancreas, breast.
  9. NSE lung, pancreas, thyroid.
  10. CA 125, ovarian, liver, stomach, pancreas, breast, uterus.
  11. Ferritin, liver, breast, lung, pancreas.

Complete blood Complete blood count (CBC).
The integrity of the immune
Helper T cells               B cells
Suppressor T cells       NK cells
Immunoglobulin level (IgM,IgG,IgA,IgE)

The ability to destroy cancer cells (Natural Cytotoxic test).
Check the related substances
Vitamin A              Folic acid
Vitamin B12          Zinc
Vitamin C              Selenium
Vitamin D              Copper
Vitamin E