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Total Weight Loss Screening Program

Measuring obesity completely by medical examination including metabolism , hormone, level of lipid, blood sugar level and nutrients, which can eliminate obesity direct to the point.

  • Physical Examination by medical experts
  • Body Mass Index ( BMI )
  • Complete Blood Count ( CBC )
  • Check the mineral metabolism in the body.
      25-OH Vit D2/D3      Zinc
      Selenium                  Chromium
  • Hormone Testing
      DHEA-S                                       TSH
      Estradiol                                      FT3,FT4
      Testosterone                               Serum cortisol
      Sex hormone binding globulin    Insulin
  • Blood sugar level Testing
    Fasting blood sugar
  • Lipid Profile
      Triglyceride      LDL
      Cholesterol      HDL
  • Liver function Test
  • Renal function Test
  • Cardiac Risk Marker (Homocystein).
  • Inflammatory Marker (hs-CRP).