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Anti-Aging Screening Program

To evaluate aging condition of our body by measuring level of free radicals (causing of cellular aging and cellular damage), Antioxidant profiles ( preventing damage from free radicals) and Telomere length (association with age-related diseases).

Our medical expertise can help you to provide your aging-solution

  • Physical Examination by medical experts
  • The level of free radicals
  • Growth Hormone level (Growth hormone)
  • The levels of vitamins and minerals in the body ( antioxidant profiles )
    Vitamin A           Coenzyme Q1      Calcium
    Vitamin B12       Folate                   Magnesium
    Vitamin C           Selenium              Glutathione
    Vitamin D           Zinc
    Vitamin E           Chromium
    Lycopene           Copper
  • Teromere length Testing